About us

The German Historical Institute in Rome, called Deutsches Historisches Institut in Rom (DHI) in German, was founded in 1888 as the first German historical institute abroad. Its main purpose is the promotion of research on Italian and German history, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between Germany and Italy within the wider European context, from the early Middle Ages until recent times.

The DHI Rome comprises a music history department specializing in the relations between German and Italian music, its historical prerequisites as well as its impact on Europe.

Since 1 July 2002, the German Historical Institute in Rome has been a member of the Max Weber Stiftung - Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland (Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad).

The DHI Rome's academic staff conduct research in the Vatican Secret Archives, the Vatican Library and other archives and libraries in Rome and elsewhere in Italy. Today, the Institute's own history library features approximately 173,000 volumes and 670 current journals, while the music history library includes around 57,000 volumes and 440 journals available to readers.

The German Historical Institute in Rome is a research and services facility. It aids German scientists and institutions in their relevant research, promotes cooperation with Italian and international scholars and maintains close relations with Italian academia. Providing special support for young academics in study courses, internships and Ph.D. and post-doc scholarships along with offering temporary research posts for historians and music historians is part of the key profile of the Institute.

An Academic Advisory Council sides with the Institute on the successful accomplishment of its key assignments.