Call for Papers: Interrogating the Trente Glorieuses. Models of Statehood in Postwar Europe

The international conference will be held at the German Historical Institute in Rome on 12–14 December 2018.
The conference language will be English. We invite interested participants to submit a 500 words abstract with a short C.V. to philipp.mueller[at] by 15 April 2018.

In our view among the central questions should be:

1. To what extent and how was the term trente glorieuses (or its synonyms) and the characterization linked to it employed not only in the countries of Northern Europe but also in Southern and Eastern Europe in the 1950s and 1960s?  Which intentions lay behind the employment of such models?

2. Which concrete models of statehood, democracy and the economy were espoused by state and social elites in different European polities? Did these groups exchange their views and experiences transnationally?

3. To what extent and under what conditions did the trente glorieuses become, in the period "after the boom", a narrative model that described a golden age in the past? What does this mean for the concepts of political economics that we employ today to make sense of current conflicts and dynamic developments in Europe?

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