Call for Papers: An Era of Value Change: The Seventies in Europe

The international conference will be held at the German Historical Institute of London, 14.–16. March 2019.
The organisers aim to secure funding to cover expenses for travel and accommodation.
The language of the conference is English. Please send proposals of up to 350 words and a brief biographical note by 15 April 2018 to: europe70s[at]
Proposals for single papers as well as entire panels (of three speakers) might include:

-    Value changes pertaining to family, work, education, leisure time, religiosity
-    Sexuality, sexual cultures and the "sexual revolution"
-    The redefinition of private and public spheres, milieus and political loyalties
-    Changes in gender roles and practices
-    "1968", political protests, feminists and gay activisms
-    Political responses on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

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