Dr. Simon Unger-Alvi
Researcher Contemporary History

+39 06 66049242


Simon Unger-Alvi studied history and philosophy at University College Maastricht, UCLA, and Oxford University, from where he was awarded his doctorate in 2018. As a graduate student he has held scholarships by the British Economic and Social Research Council and the German National Academic Foundation. In 2016, he was appointed to a lectureship at Magdalen College/Oxford, where he taught modern European history. After completing his PhD, he was a visiting postdoctoral fellow at the German Historical Institute in Washington DC (2018–2019) and subsequently became a researcher in Rome (2019).
Simon Unger-Alvi's research is concerned with patterns of accommodation and criticism in fascist dictatorships, but also with political language and religion in the twentieth century. In Rome, he currently works on a new project under the title The Loyal Opposition – Religious Europeans between Fascism and Christian Theology, 1918–1968.

Main research interests
Fascism and Nazism in Germany and Europe; Media History; Begriffsgeschichte; Religion in the 20th Century