Role and Influence of Impresarios. Premises of Italian Opera Performances in the 18th Century

Dr. Richard Erkens

On the one hand, the research project focuses on the figure of the impresario and its influence on the historical developments of opera, on the other hand it refers to changing operatic topography in pre-revolutionary Italy, characterized by centre and periphery networks. Although the group of people who assumed the function of impresarios in the 18th century could not be more heterogeneous, the scope of their activity and thus their influence  ...   


Conceptual history of music. Basic concepts of vocal music in terminological discourse

Dr. Sabine Ehrmann-Herfort

The fact that the designation of a subject and the subject itself influence each other in the formation of conceptual content, and that both strands of development are inextricably linked, adds a great deal to the fascination of conceptual history. The subject matter of the conceptual history of a discipline is to crystallise the process of the historical development of its technical terms. To analyse the contexts condensed in the technical  ...