"In Farben gezeichnet". Orchestration and Form in Early Nineteenth-Century Symphonies and Overtures between Germany and Italy

Dr. Federica Di Gasbarro

In the late 17th century art theorists were engaged in a lively dispute over the relationship between drawing and colour, some challenging the prevailing view that line, as the essential expression of an idea, was primarily responsible for the perception of form, while colour was merely an ornamental addition. The famous Querelle du coloris emerged much later in the field of music. In the mid-19th century, the opinion prevailed that  ...   


Myths and Monuments of the Nation. 'Early Music' in Italy between Unità and fascismo

Dr. Carolin Krahn

To what extent was the concept of 'early Italian music' shaped as some form of national reference point in the period between the political unification of Italy and the end of the fascist regime? How did this affect the repertories and representations of Italian musical traditions? Using these questions as starting point, the research project focuses on the idea of 'early music' and its practical usage in the period from 1861 to 1943.
The  ...   


Dance/Music digital

Dr. Vera Grund (with Dr. Henner Drewes and Prof. Dr. Andreas Münzmay)

The aim of the project is to develop an editing method with which the information from diverse dance sources – iconographic documents, musical scores, drama and rhetoric schools, archive documents – can be digitally linked through a comprehensive multimodal structural model. With regard to dance, four-dimensional movement analyses (including spatial dimensions and temporal progression), visualizations and analyses of dance poses,  ...