Bibliographic Information on Contemporary Italian History

Up to no. 113 (2003) entitled: Bibliographische Informationen zur Geschichte Italiens im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert. Informazioni bibliografiche sulla storia d’Italia nei secoli XIX e XX:
- nos. 1 to 98 (19741999), edited by Jens Petersen;
- from no. 99 (1999), founded by Jens Petersen, edited by Lutz Klinkhammer.

Editorial staff: Lutz Klinkhammer, Eva Grassi, Susanne Wesely, contact

The review, which has until now reported more than 100,000 new historiographical publications, is distributed every four months  often with additional details by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die neueste Geschichte Italiens/Gruppo di studio per la storia contemporanea italiana (Study Group for Contemporary Italian History). From issue 166 onwards, the latest issue will no longer be published in print, but only as a PDF for members of the Study Group.

The Study Group, founded by Wolfgang Schieder and Jens Petersen in 1974 and closely linked to the German Historical Institute of Rome, is currently based in Saarbrücken and directed by Prof. Dr. Gabriele Clemens.

The 2023 update is available and can be researched in the database.

Online database of Bibliographic Information from no. 99 (1999)

Bibliographic Information: The nineties no. 63 (June 1990) no. 98 (March 1999) (PDF, 14,4 Mb)