Genoese Merchant Networks in Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean (ca. 1450–1530)

Dr. Carlo Taviani (in collaboration with and the Università degli Studi di Teramo)

Previously funded by the international research project of the Max Weber Foundation Knowledge Unbound (2019–2021) Documentary
MedAtlantic. Perspectives on the Past (20  ...   


GRACEFUL17: Global Governance, Local Dynamics: Transnational Regimes of Grace in the Roman Dataria Apostolica (17th Century)

A cooperative project, Digital Humanities component at DHI Rome

The power of the early modern Catholic Church was based on so-called regimes of grace, which can be described as networks of secular and ecclesiastical influence. The "grace" of a higher authority, such as the Pope, granted certain individuals special privileges, incomes, or benefices. The organization of this allocation of grace was the responsibility of the Apostolic Dataria, an office of the Curia in Rome. They acted as  ...   


RG Online

RG Online contains the source material of the Repertorium Germanicum and the Repertorium Poenitentiariae Germanicum.

Repertorium Germanicum: Dating back to a proposal by Ludwig Quidde, director of the Prussian Historical Institute from 1890 to 1892 and later winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Repertorium Germanicum comprises German incidences from all Vatican register series and Cameral holdings, from the Great Schism (1378) to the Reformation (1517). To date, material up until 1484 has been published. In the meanwhile, work has progressed until the  ...   


The Spanish Faction in the Imperial Court (1548–1659)

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The Spanish Kings were the elder relatives of the Holy Roman Emperors as well as the most powerful princes in early modern Europe. The tools they employed to influence imperial policy were far from the image of classical diplomacy. We propose a new model to understand the birth of diplomacy out of a state and institutional framework but as the extension of familiar ties in a courtly environment. Our clue is the "Spanish Faction", the  ...