Convegno internazionale, 11.–14.12.2019

Music, Performance, Architecture. Sacred Spaces as Sound Spaces in the Early Modern Period

Con un concerto alla Chiesa Nuova e una Keynote Lecture di Deborah Howard (University of Cambridge).

Beginning in 15th-century Italy, the polychoral musical performance practice and new compositional developments in church music required the modification of venerable churches and the integration of music spaces in new sacred buildings. This multifaceted change correlated with the rite and mass piety and enduringly affected the experience of liturgy and music. The most distinctive impact of this progress is epitomised by the installation of singer balconies and organ galleries on which top-class music ensembles and organists often performed and which served as stages for musical excellence. The permanent display of music advanced to become a core segment of sacred architecture while the potential of these spaces to promote identification becomes evident in numerous graffiti, as the singer pulpit in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican exemplifies.
The conference explores the complex interdependencies between architecture, acoustics, musical performance practice and rite in the interdisciplinary discourse between musicology, art and architecture history. A lecture-concert in Santa Maria in Vallicella with polychoral Roman church music of the 17th century will prove the interrelation of music, architecture and acoustics at an authentic space.

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