Frammenti di Heimat. Storia emotiva degli espulsi tedeschi (1945–1974)

After its defeat in the Second World War, Germany lost the regions of Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia to Poland and the Soviet Union. A part of the Germans living in these territories had already fled the advance of the Red Army on the Eastern Front, while others were forced to leave their homeland after the end of the war. This volume reconstructs the individual and community histories of those who were resettled in the western occupation zones and, from 1949 onwards, integrated into the Federal Republic of Germany. The perspective of emotional history, used to interpret diaries, letters and memoirs, reveals the evolution of their emotional experience. The aim of the analysis, which extends into the first half of the 1970s, is to shed new light on the processes of uprooting, integration and reconciliation with the past.

Ricerche dell'Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma

18: Cecilia Molesini, Frammenti di Heimat. Storia emotiva degli espulsi tedeschi (1945–1974), Roma: Viella 2024 (237 pp.), ISBN: 979-12-5469-503-6.