Library reproduction service

We are pleased to offer all external readers a reproduction service within the framework of copyright law from June 3, 2020. The library's premises must remain closed to the public until further notice.
Please contact the following addresses for further information and orders:
Holdings History: bibliothek[at]
Holdings Music History: musikbibliothek[at]

The Rules:

  • Up to 200 pages a month are free.
  • University students can request up to 300 pages a month for free.
  • Italian copyright laws are however applicable, therefore only part of a book (up to 15%) can be scanned.
  • Musical scores may not be scanned.

Should circumstances render us short-staffed, we reserve the right to scale down this service.
This offer is currently valid until the end of July.

We can also recommend using the document delivery service of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome.