British Envoys to Germany (1816–1866) and British Envoys to the Kaiserreich (1871–1897)

Digital Index

The two editorial series consist of official dispatches written for the Foreign Office by British envoys to the German States in the 19th century, covering the period from the Vienna Congress in 1815 to the dissolution of the German Confederation (Deutscher Bund) in 1866 and from the foundation of the German Kaiserreich in 1871 to 1897. All dispatches have been transcribed and annotated for the first time. The selection presents the main attitudes to the political, economic, military, cultural, and social situation in the German States described and assessed by British diplomats. The volumes are published in the Fifth Camden Series (Cambridge University Press) for the Royal Historical Society in association with the German Historical Institute London.
The Digital Index is a combined subject and biographical index of the two series British Envoys to Germany and British Envoys to the Kaiserreich. It allows to search for dispatches from all or each of the eight British missions to Germany, for names, subjects, or places mentioned in or related to the dispatches, and for a specific year as well as a certain period covered by the edition. All results can be sorted chronologically, by mission or by sender. On request short summaries allow quick information on the content of the dispatches.
The Digital Index is based on the software DENQ developed by Jörg Hörnschemeyer for the German Historical Institutes in Rome and London. It was realized by Jörg Hörnschemeyer, Markus Mösslang, and Christoph Schönberger in Cooperation with the Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Editionen.

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