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CfP: Rulerly Presence and Representation in Pre-Modern Metropolitan Space

International PhD Workshop at the DHI Rome (together with the DFG Research Training Group 2337 "Metropolität in der Vormoderne")
23–26 May 2022
Application deadline: 15 February 2022 Call for Papers   

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The Kingdom of Sicily came into being through a process of profound transformation, ripe with conflict and alternating outcomes. An account of it is provided by two historiographical works compiled by witnesses of the time, the "Ystoria" by Alessandro Telesino and the "Chronicon" by Falco di Benevento. For the first time, this study sets out to examine the aforementioned works strictly from the  ...   

"The most prolific and perhaps the most imaginative of the Italian masters, the author of a hundred operas, who was, in the early stages of his career, Rossini's competitor; the tireless emulator of Bellini and Donizetti, Verdi's forerunner; the versatile musician, who underwent the four musical transformations of his century while always preserving his enviable originality, died in Pescia on the 6th of this month,  ...   


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