Online-Schriften des DHI Rom. Neue Reihe | Pubblicazioni online del DHI Roma. Nuova serie

In this online series, monographs, collective volumes and scientific editions on the history of Italy and Italian music as well as on the history of Italian-German relations in trans-regional and transnational contexts, are published in various languages, covering the time frame between the Middle Ages to recent past. All volumes are subject to double-blind peer review, have ISBN codes and are also accessible online on the platform.

Editor: Prof. Dr. Alexander Koller, koller[at]

Questions about a possible publication in the series "Online-Schriften des DHI Rom. Neue Reihe | Pubblicazioni online del DHI Roma. Nuova serie" may be addressed to the editor.

Volume 3:
Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi, Le udienze di Mussolini durante la Repubblica Sociale Italiana, 1943–1945. Da un progetto dell'Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma, Roma 2019. PDF Download

Volume 2:
Silvia Di Paolo, Verso la modernità giuridica della Chiesa. Giovanni Francesco Pavini (ca. 1424–1485): la stampa, le decisiones, le extravagantes e la disciplina amministrativa, Roma 2018. PDF Download

Volume 1:
Kleinere Schriften zur Rom-Forschung. Wolfgang Reinhard zum 80. Geburtstag am 10. April 2017, hg. für die "Italien-AG" von Birgit Emich in Zusammenarbeit mit Arne Karsten, Hillard von Thiessen und Günther Wassilowsky, Roma 2017. PDF Download