Medicine and the Radical Reformation

Dr. Riccarda Suitner

The project examines the relationship between medicine and the Radical Reformation in the early modern period. In 1531, in Strasbourg, the Spanish doctor Michael Servetus published De trinitatis erroribus, which is considered the first Antitrinitarian text of early modernity. The treatise influenced numerous generations of dissenters from different countries, in particular physicians.
One of the project’s areas of interest is the transfer of (heterodox) medical knowledge between different confessional contexts; the methods of the classic history of ideas, of the history of science and of social history will be integrated. Furthermore, the relationship between individual biographies and broader migration waves for religious reasons will be discussed, as well as the long-term theological and social consequences of religious non-conformism.

Dr. Riccarda Suitner
Researcher in Early Modern History
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