Alternative Visions of Europe in the post-war French, Italian and Spanish Political Left

Dr. des. Antonio Carbone

"Euroscepticism" is a term used in many current political discussions to refer to the seemingly analogous viewpoints in criticising the current course of European integration, held by groups coming from radically different political traditions. However, a look at the history of the last century reveals that the different political forces lumped together under the idea of "Euroscepticism" developed radically distinct ways of imagining Europe and its possible courses of integration. The specific aim of the "Alternative Visions of Europe" research project is that of analysing the ideas of European integration circulating in the movements, parties, unions, and groupings of the South European Left in the years spanning from the end of the Second World War to the beginning of the 1980s.
The study focuses on the historical development of certain ideas of European integration conceived as reform plans or as alternative visions to the specific integration projects that emerged within the institutions of the European Communities. The project explores, for example, the history of visions such as Social Europe or Eurocommunism, which were respectively imagined by reform-oriented socialist forces and communist parties in South-Western Europe. In addition to reconstructing the history of these visions, which were supported by the large traditional parties and trade unions of the Left, the project also aims to study and identify how different groups within the New Left positioned themselves at the intersection of European integration with the emergence of new post-colonial alliances such as the "Third World".
The first aim of the project is to show that these "alternative visions of Europe" were based on practices born at the crossroads between the national specificities of political movements, on the one hand, and their transnational entanglements, on the other hand. Furthermore, the project intends to illustrate how the "alternative visions" of the South European Left intersected with projects and visions aimed at orienting and opening Europe towards the Global South.

Dr. des. Antonio Carbone
Project Researcher project Europas Gegenbewegungen. Euroskeptische Verflechtungen von den Anfängen der Europäischen Integration bis heute
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