Gathering and reworking information from Constantinople, Vienna, Venice and Rome (1664–1684)

Dr. Elisabeth Lobenwein

The project examines how Habsburg and Venetian diplomatic representatives in the Ottoman Empire operated, generating exclusive knowledge for their respective clients, and how this information was used politically and processed through the media of the time. The study is based on the idea that it is essential to examine the multiplicity of actors involved in the generation and processing of information and the corresponding means of communication. These two factors contributed to the transfer of information, influencing and shaping not only decision-making processes but also wide-ranging discourses about the Ottomans in Europe. The temporal focus of the study is the second half of the seventeenth century, specifically between 1664, with the signing of the Peace of Vasvár treaty, and 1684, with the founding of the Holy League, which came about through the mediation of Pope Innocent XI (1611–1689, pope from 1676 to 1689).

Dr. Elisabeth Lobenwein
Researcher in Early Modern History
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