ID-NET: Ideal, Discourses, Networks. The Empire and the Kingdom of Italy in the 14th Century (1308–1378)

Dr. Caterina Cappuccio

On the basis of three conceptual categories – ideal, discourses and networks – Caterina Cappuccio's research aims to re-examine the interconnections between the Empire and the Kingdom of Italy between 1308 and 1378. Starting with the construction of the image of the 14th-century empire by Italian and German historiography, firstly a new line of research will be developed through dialogue between the two research traditions (ideal). Secondly, the focus will be on the dissemination and perception of imperial discourse in Italian cities, mainly through the consultation of historiographical sources and erudite treatises, in order to give a detailed view of the Empire's self-representation and performativity in the Italian territory (discourses). Finally, the networks of emperors within Italy are examined on the basis of previously unpublished sources, thus contributing to the study of the partes imperiales in 14th-century Italy (networks).

Dr. Caterina Cappuccio
Researcher Middle Ages
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