History and Translation in the German-Italian Linguistic Area during the 19th and 20th Centuries

Dr. Gerhard Kuck

In the beginning of the 20th century the number of translations increased considerably both in the literary and – in the broadest sense – non-fictional field and did not even diminish during the period of Fascism and National Socialism. The project is aimed essentially at studying this period and primarily the field of non-fictional essays, the translation of which until now, in contrast to literary works, has been largely neglected. In the sphere of domestic affairs, and economic and colonial policies, the cooperation between the two regimes grew stronger, favouring the exchange of information and possible adoption of patterns taken from their experiences as well as the sharing of political and ideological fundamentals and the diffusion of scientific literature, which at least in Italy was not subjected to control and censorship. On the one hand, the goal is to explore the strategies adopted by publishing houses, cultural institutions and governmental agencies. On the other hand, the approach focuses on the question of whether or not these practices of translation can be classified as processes of cultural transfer during which meanings, concepts and ideas have been changed, merged and mutually influenced.

Dr. Gerhard Kuck
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