RG X: Sixtus IV. (1471–1484)

10: Sixtus IV. (1471–1484)
Teil 1: Text, bearb. von Ulrich Schwarz, Juliane Trede, Stefan Brüdermann, Thomas Bardelle, Kerstin Rahn, Hubert Höing, Michael Reimann und Sven Mahmens, Berlin-Boston 2018 (3 voll., XCVIII, 2386 pp.).
Teil 2: Indices, bearb. von Sven Mahmens, Hubert Höing, Alexander Maul, Ludwig Schmugge und Jörg Voigt, Berlin-Boston 2018 (3 voll., XVI, 2179 pp.).

The Repertorium Germanicum is a collection of regesta which comprise the names of all German people, churches and places mentioned in the various series of Vatican registers and in cameral sources. The now published volumes on the papacy of Pope Sixtus IV (1471-1484) bring together more than 37,000 diplomas and recordings contained in around 580 registers. From these largely unique Roman archive materials emerges the multiform framework of the late medieval church, its religious and canonical-juridical foundations, economic mechanisms, personal networks, territorial and dynastic references, as well as its political ambitions, spiritual profile and daily life.