Markus Krumm, Herrschaftsumbruch und Historiographie

The Kingdom of Sicily came into being through a process of profound transformation, ripe with conflict and alternating outcomes. An account of it is provided by two historiographical works compiled by witnesses of the time, the "Ystoria" by Alessandro Telesino and the "Chronicon" by Falco di Benevento. For the first time, this study sets out to examine the aforementioned works strictly from the perspective of the local context in which they originated, while also considering their pragmatic function.

Bibliothek des Deutschen Historischen Instituts in Rom

141: Markus Krumm, Herrschaftsumbruch und Historiographie. Zeitgeschichtsschreibung als Krisenbewältigung bei Alexander von Telese und Falco von Benevent, Berlin-Boston 2021 (XIII, 447 pp.), ISBN 978-3-11-072001-3.