Stefanie Hamm, Die Chronik des Richard von San Germano

The chronicle of Richard of San Germano is of fundamental importance in knowing about the history of the Swabian emperor Frederick II in Italy. Stefanie Hamm analyses the life and work of the notary from San Germano for the first time. The chronicle, which has come down to us in two versions, covers the sphere of influence of the important abbey of Monte Cassino. It provides a link between the history of the kingdom of Sicily in the 12th and 13th centuries on the one hand and news about the abbey and events in the region on the other. It also showcases the mechanisms of government in the Middle Ages.

Bibliothek des Deutschen Historischen Instituts in Rom

142: Stefanie Hamm, Die Chronik des Richard von San Germano. Zwischen Regnum und Region, Berlin-Boston 2022 (X, 691 pp.), ISBN 978-3-11-077129-9.