26. September 2020 - 27. September 2000

06. December 2019
Seminar of Medieval History

Seminar on the status and perspectives of research on the Middle Ages at the DHI Rome, directed by: Prof. Dr. Petra Schulte (Universität Trier) e Prof. Dr. Martin Baumeister (DHI Rome).

Internal event

German Historical Institute in Rome

05. December 2019
L'Italia come fulcro della politica di Massimiliano I e Carlo V

Double Presentation
Tobias Daniels (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Maria Antonietta Visceglia (Sapienza Università di Roma)

Followed by a lute concert with music from the Time of Maximilian I.

Organised by the Austrian Historical Institute and the German Historical Institute in Rome.

Austrian Historical Institute in Rome


Further information

Registration is required by 20 November 2019 at the following email address: iannuzzi[at]oehirom.it

03. December 2019 - 04. December 2019
The Aftermath of the First World War: Humanitarianism in the Mediterranean

International conference of the Università degli Studi di Milano and the Leibniz Institute of European History Mainz (IEG), in collaboration with the German Historical Institute in Rome and the Villa Vigoni – German-Italian Centre for European Excellence.

Contact: Silvia Salvatici, Johannes Paulmann

Download Programme (PDF, 423 Kb), Poster (PDF, 249 Kb)

Milan, Università degli Studi di Milano

28. November 2019 - 29. November 2019
Das Reichsinstitut für ältere deutsche Geschichtskunde 1935 bis 1945 – ein "Kriegsbeitrag der Geisteswissenschaften"?

Symposium, organised by the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH) and the German Historical Institute in Rome.

Contact: Annette Marquard-Mois

German Historical Institute in Rome

Programme; Download PDF; Conference report

For any issues with registration please contact: +39 06 6604921. Visitors to the German Historical Institute are requested to show proof of identity on entering. Entry with luggage or backpacks larger than 40x35x15 cm is not permitted. There are no lockers nor a supervised cloakroom available in the building.

Registration is required

21. November 2019 - 23. November 2019
Weimar. Modernità e democrazia | Modernität und Demokratie in Europa (1919–1933)

International conference of the SISCALT (Società Italiana per la Storia Contemporanea dell'Area di Lingua Tedesca), in cooperation with the German Historical Institute in Rome, the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Jean Monnet (European Centre, University of Trento), the Università degli Studi di Trento, promoted by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Via S. Croce, 77 – Trento)

Further information and programme

20. November 2019
Markus Laufs

Gefangen zwischen Präliminarien und gutem Willen? Päpstliche und
niederländische Friedensvermittlung auf den Kongressen von Münster
(1643–1649) und Nijmegen (1676–1679) im Vergleich.

German Historical Institute in Rome


20. November 2019
Cum honore maximo tumulatus – Grablegen und Grabinschriften der Päpste des Mittelalters im Petersdom

Dr. Christian A. Neumann and Dr. Wolf Zöller

Meeting point: 9.30, Obelisk on St. Peter's Square

Fee: 5,- Euro (Museo del Tesoro)

Limited number of participants: 15
Please wear comfortable shoes and suitable clothing for the cooler rooms. Take care not to carry any dangerous objects (e.g. pocket knives) with you, as access to the Vatican City requires a safety check.

Please comunicate your binding registration by 30 October 2019 at the following email address: gerken[at]dhi-roma.it.

If you have any questions, you may contact directly Dr. Christian A. Neumann or Dr. Wolf Zöller: neumann[at]dhi-roma.it; wolf.zoeller@zegk.uni-heidelberg.de.

Guided tour in German language

18. November 2019
Book Discussion

Prof. Sir Richard J. Evans, Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History (London, Little, Brown 2019).

Event in collaboration with the Dottorato in Storia, Antropologia, Religioni (Sapienza Università di Roma) and the Dottorato di ricerca in Storia e Scienze filosofico-sociali (Università di Roma Tor Vergata).

Commented by:
Martin Baumeister (German Historical Institute in Rome)
Paul Corner (Università degli Studi di Siena)
Lucy Riall (European University Institute)
Raffaele Romanelli (Sapienza Università di Roma)

Introduction: Emmanuel Betta (Sapienza Università di Roma)
Moderation: Bianca Gaudenzi (German Historical Institute in Rome)
The author will be present.

Aula Partenone, ground floor, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Sapienza Università di Roma, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5


Download Invitation (PDF, 97 Kb)

15. November 2019
La Galleria Spada

Dr. Riccarda Suitner

Meeting point: 9.45, Piazza Capodiferro, 13 (in front of the main entrance of the museum)

Fee: 5,- Euro, 2,50 Euro (reduced), free of charge for the owners of the "Tessera di libero ingresso nei monumenti, musei, gallerie e scavi di antichità"

Limited number of participants: 15

Please comunicate your binding registration by 7 November 2019 at the following email address: suitner[at]dhi-roma.it.

Guided tour in Italian language

11. November 2019
Damien Ruiz

Ai confini dell'Osservanza: il manoscritto ANLux, SHL, Abt. 15, 4 (fine XV sec.). Un ponte testuale tra Fraticelli e Osservanti.
Presiede: Giulia Barone

Accademia Polacca a Roma (Vicolo Doria, 2)