Concentus musicus

Publications of the Department of Music History at the German Historical Institute in Rome

The series contains critical editions of major Italian musical works, composed largely between 1600 and 1900.

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The volumes can be ordered through libraries or bought from the following publishers: from volume 13: Bärenreiter-Verlag Kassel; up to volume 12: Laaber-Verlag (Am Wolfsberg 17, 28865 Lilienthal, phone +49 (0)4298-9067783, fax +49 (0)4298-9068422, email: info(at)laaber-verlag(dot)de, internet:

18: Domenico Cimarosa, Le trame deluse (1786), critical editon ed. by Arnold Jacobshagen/Michael Weiger (in preparation).
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17: Giovanni Pacini, Gli Arabi nelle Gallie, critical edition ed. by Giuseppina Mascari, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2021 (LVI, 532 pp.), ISBN 979-0-006-56396-8.
Contents (PDF, 5 KB)

16: Niccolò Piccinni, La buona figliuola, critical edition ed. by Francesco Paolo Russo, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2017 (XIX, 506 pp.), ISBN 979-0-006-56273-2.
Contents (PDF, 35 KB)

15: Alessandro Stradella, Sei cantate a voce sola dal manoscritto appartenuto a Gian Francesco Malipiero, ed. by Giulia Giovani, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2015 (XXIX, 103 pp.), ISBN 979-0-006-55981-7.
Contents (PDF, 71 KB)

14: Giovanni Animuccia, Eine Auswahl geistlicher und weltlicher Werke, ed. by Peter Ackermann, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2014 (XLIV, 184 pp.), ISBN 979-0-006-55802-5.
Contents (PDF, 239 KB)

13: Santa Maria dell'Anima. Musik für die Feste der deutschen Nationalkirche in Rom. Werke von Pietro Paolo Bencini und Niccolò Jommelli, ed. by Rainer Heyink, Kassel et al.: Bärenreiter 2010 (XVIII, 572 pp.), ISBN 979-0-006-540.
Contents (PDF, 20 KB)

12: Niccolò Jommelli, Attilio Regolo, ed. by Diana Blichmann and Christoph-Hellmuth Mahling, 2 vols., Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 2010 (LXX, 836 pp.), ISBN 978-3-89007-3.
Contents (PDF, 7 KB)

11: Giovanni Paisiello, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, ed. by Francesco Paolo Russo, 2 vols., Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 2001 (XIV, 932 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-515-0.
Contents (PDF, 30 KB)
Review (PDF, 133 KB)

10: Alessandro Stradella, Tre cantate per voci e strumenti, coordinated by Carolyn Gianturco, ed. by Harry Bernstein, Gabriella Biagi Ravenni, Carolyn Gianturco, Ilaria Zolesi, Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 1997 (XX, 415 pp.). ISBN 3-89007-330-1.
Contents (PDF, 37 KB)

9: Johann Adolf Hasse, Three Intermezzi (1728, 1729 and 1730), ed. by Gordana Lazarevich, Laaber: Laaber-Verlag 1992 (XXIV, 482 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-162-7.
Contents (PDF, 49 KB)

8: Niccolo Piccinni, La Cantarina. Intermezzo im III. Akt der Commedia per musica "L'Origille" 1760, ed. by Georg Feder, o. O.: Laaber 1989 (XVI, 136 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-101-5.
Contents (PDF, 28 KB)

7: Oratorios of the Italian Baroque I. Antecedents of the Oratorio: Sacred Dramatic Dialogues, 1600–1630, ed. by Howard E. Smither, o. O.: Laaber 1985 (XX, 517 S.), ISBN 3-8907-022-1.
Contents (PDF, 115 KB)

6: Antonio Cifra, Ricercari e Canzoni francesi (1619), ed. by Francesco Luisi e Giancarlo Rostirolla, Köln: Volk 1981 (XIX, 160 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-180-5.
Contents (PDF, 31 KB)

5: Alessandro Stradella, Instrumental Music, ed. by Eleanor F. McCrickard, Köln: Volk 1980 (XV, 284 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-179-1.
Contents (PDF, 38 KB)

4: Giovanni Battista Conforti, "Ricercare" (1558) und "Madrigale" (1567), ed. by Dietrich Kämper, Köln: Volk 1978 (VIII, 184 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-178-3.
Contents (PDF, 38 KB)

3: Domenico Mazzocchi, Sacrae concertationes, ed. by Wolfgang Witzenmann, Köln: Volk 1975 (X, 230 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-177-5.
Contents (PDF, 26 KB)

2: Giovanni Priuli, Sacrorum Concentuum Pars Prima (1618), ed. by Albert Biales, Köln: Volk 1973 (X, 266 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-176-7.
Contents (38 KB)

Johann Adolf Hasse: Ruggiero ovvero L'eroica gratitudine, ed. by Klaus Hortschansky, Köln: Volk 1973 (XXIV, 482 pp.), ISBN 3-89007-175-9.
Contents (35 KB)