1. Data collection and processing

We are continuously working to improve our website, using webpage browsing statistics and the implementation of technical tools.

To produce these statistics, all browsing activity on our website is recorded anonymously and assessed by the data controller.
When visiting the German Historical Institute website, a technical cookie of the session is stored on your computer, meaning a cookie that is memorised on your computer's hard drive only for the duration of your browsing session on our website.

Your IP address is made anonymous through a technical compression tool, which makes it impossible to identify your computer and your personal data.

For this reason, your anonymized IP address is not to be considered personal data.

The following list sets out, in detail, the information collected for our statistics.

  • IP address is made anonymous by means of compression*
  • Unique code for visitor identification (in case of technical cookie insertion)*
  • URLs visited on the present webpage
  • Time of browsing
  • Type of HTML requests
  • URLs previously visited (as communicated by the browser)*
  • Name and version of the computer system*
  • Name, version and language settings of the browser*
  • Screen graphic resolution and colour depth
  • Technologies and formats supported by the browser (Cookies, Java, Flash, PDF, WindowsMedia, QuickTime, Realplayer, Director, Panerai, SilverLight, Google Gears)

If the scripting program JavaScript is deactivated, only the information marked with an asterisk* will be collected.

Data is gathered by means of a JavaScript scripting program and transmitted to the German Historical Institute's registration server. If JavaScript is deactivated, only part of the information is collected and the number of visits to the website recorded.

No other information for the purpose of statistics will be gathered and/or considered beyond the data listed.

The data controller is the director of DHI Roma, Prof. Dr. M. Baumeister (E-Mail: baumeister[at]dhi-roma.it).

The head of data processing is Dr. G. Favero (E-Mail: privacy[at]dhi-roma.it).